Date:Volume 4, 2020
Type:Research articles, advocacy, conference, theme papers on TVET
Countries:Philippines, Malaysia, India, Korea and Sri Lanka


The Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS) has successfully organized its fourth volume which is a collection of curated researches, papers and articles that were selected from hundreds of submissions from all over the region. For this edition, nine papers from seventeen authors from different parts of the world namely: Philippines, Malaysia, India, Korea, Sri Lanka and here in CPSC, have showcased their expertise in their respective specializations by sharing their knowledge to a wider audience through this book.


  1. Technical Vocational Education & Training - Reflections on the Issues Facing TVET and Its Potential in the Time of COVID-19
    Shyamal Majumdar & IƱigo Araiztegui
  2. TVET Development and ODA for Developing Countries
    Lee Miyeong & Lee Namchul
  3. A Study to Identify Ways of Enhancing Industry Partnership Towards Technical Education - The Sri Lankan Context
    Balasooriya, B.M.C.N & Kulathunga, I.D.J
  4. English, A Need? A Closer Examination of Vocational Undergraduates’ Perceptions on the Need for English Language Skills in the Academic Life
    Dilini Ranasuriya & Sreemali Herath
  5. Interactive Courseware Development for Learning the Algebra Competition in the Materials of Learning Mathematics
    Norhasyimah Hamzah, Normah Zakaria, Siti Nur Kamariah Rubani, Arihasnida Ariffin & Siti Syahirah Ahmad Zuhdi
  6. Initiatives of CPSC Member Countries on Industry Institute Linkages
    Patil, Vijay, PhD
  7. Status Of TVET in Relation to Industrial Revolution 4.0 in CPSC Member Countries
    Rajput, Abdul Ghani
  8. Status of Entrepreneurship Education in TVET in CPSC Member Countries
    Bhattarai, Sanyog
  9. Fabricating Solar Power Generating Apparatus
    Rambuyan, Rogelio, C.