Papua New Guinea

Kalibobo Lighthouse, Madang

Partner Ministry/Organization Department of Education
Liaison Officer Dr. Uke Kombra
Department of Education Fincorp Haus, P O Box 446
Waigani NCD, Papua New Guinea
Ambassador H.E. Betty Palaso
Ambassador of Papua New Guinea
Address of Embassy/Consulate in Manila 3rd Fl. Corinthian Plaza Condominium Bldg.
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines

Country Information

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Official Name Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Land Area 462,840 km2 (178,700 sq mi) (56th)
Population 7,059,653 (100th)
Capital Port Moresby (pop. 410, 954)
Largest Cities Lae (pop. 100,677)
Arawa (pop. 36,443)
Mount Hagen (pop. 27,782)
Madang (pop. 27,420)
Country Borders Indonesia (west), Australia (South)
Religion(s) Christian
Major Languages Hiri Motu, Tok Pisin, Papua New Guinean Sign Language, English
Demonym Papua New Guinean
National Holidays 16 September 1975 (Independence from Australia)
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GDP (billions) $19.915 billion (Nominal: 111th , 2015 est.)
GDP Per Capita $2,745 (nominal; 2015)
Currency Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK) = 100 toea
Major Exports oil, gold, copper ore, logs, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, crayfish, prawns
Major Imports Machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, fuels, chemicals
Major Industries copra crushing, palm oil processing, plywood production, wood chip production; mining (gold, silver, and copper); crude oil production, petroleum refining; construction, tourism
Major Export Partners Australia 29.0%, Japan 9.6%, China 4.8% (2012 est.)/td>
Major Import Partners Australia 36.3%, Singapore 13.8%, Malaysia 8.4%, China 7.9%, Japan 5.8%, United States 4.8% (2012 est.)
Foreign Exchange Reserves N/A
Inflation 5.2%
Population below Poverty Line 39.9%
Gini Coefficient 50.9% (highly unequal)
Competitiveness Rank N/A
Ease of Doing Business Rank 119th (out of 190)
Employment Rate 98.1% (2014, est.)
Unemployment Rate 1.9% (2014, est.)

queen-elizabethQueen Elizabeth (Image from

Type of Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State Elizabeth II (Monarch)
Bob Dadae (Governor-General)
Head of Government Peter O'Neill (Prime Minister)
Legislating Body/Bodies National Parliament

png people

Time zone UTC +10:00
Human Development Index 0.505 (low, 158th out of 180)
Literacy Rate 64.2% (men, 65.6%; women, 62.8%)
% of people with internet access 7.90% (601,926)
Life Expectancy 62.9 years (Males: 60.6, Females: 65.4)
Drives on the Left
Calling code +675
ISO 3166 code PG
Internet TLD .pg