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Partner Ministry/Organization Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
Liaison Officer Ms. Khaliunaa Avirmed
Head, Technical Vocational Education and Training
Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Recent Programs Held
2018: Capacity Building Program on APACC Criteria and Process of Accreditation and Certification (Mar 29)

2017: In-Country Program on Administration and Management of TVET Institutions (Apr 24-28)

2013: Special In-Country Program on Champion Leaders Development Program for TVET Skills for Poverty Alleviation at the Mongolian-Korean Polytechnic College (Nov 4-8)

2012: In-Country Program on Total Quality Management in TVET (Sep 7-8)
Ambassador N/A
Address of Embassy/Consulate in Manila N/A

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Official Name Mongolia
Land Area 1,566,000 km2 (605,000 sq mi) (18th)
Population 3,081,677 (134th)
Capital Ulaanbaatar (pop. 1,372,000)
Largest Cities Darkhan (pop. 150, 379)
Erdenet (pop. 91,738)
Choilabsan (pop. 38,537)
Moron (pop. 35,789)
Country Borders Russia (North), China (South, East, West)
Religion(s) Buddhism, Irreligion, Islam, Shamanism
Major Languages Mongolian
Demonym Mongolians
National Holidays 26 November 1924 (establishment of the Mongolian People’s republic)
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GDP (billions) $11.164 billion (Nominal: 129th, 2015 est.)
GDP Per Capita $3,946 (nominal; 2015)
Currency Mongolian Togrog (MNT) = 100 mongo
Major Exports copper, apparel, livestock, animal products
Major Imports machinery and equipment, fuel, cars, food products
Major Industries construction and construction materials, mining
Major Export Partners China 84%, Switzerland 9% (2015)
Major Import Partners China 39.9%, Russia 28.4%, Japan 6.4%, South Korea 6.2% (2015)
Inflation 5.9%
Population below Poverty Line 21.6%
Gini Coefficient 36.5 (moderately equal)
Competitiveness Rank 102nd (out of 138)
Ease of Doing Business Rank 64th (out of 190)
Employment Rate 91.7% (2016, est.)
Unemployment Rate 8.3% (2016, est.)

Tsakhiagiin ElbegdorjTsakhiagiin Elbegdorj (

Type of Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
Head of State Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj (President)
Head of Government Jargaltulgyn Erdenebat (Prime Minister)
Legislating Body/Bodies State Great Khural

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Time zone UTC + 7:00/8:00
Human Development Index 0.727 (high, 90th out of 180)
Literacy Rate 98.4% (men, 98.2%; women, 98.6%)
% of people with internet access 21.44% (approx. 634,438)
Life Expectancy 68.8 years (Males: 64.7, Females: 73.2)
Drives on the Right
Calling code +966
ISO 3166 code MN
Internet TLD .mn