Date:July 2013
Type:Statutory Reports and Official Records
Countries:India; Indonesia; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Papua New Guinea and Singapore
Subject:Sustainable development; Initiatives towards green economy; TVET financing; Entrepreneurship; Skills training; Innovative learning practices and Country TVET perspectives


The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) takes pride in launching its first ever Journal on TVET titled STEPS (Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series), which is a compendium of professionally written articles by TVET experts and research enthusiasts on key issues and developments pertinent to technical education in the Asia Pacific region and the world. CPSC releases the maiden issue of the STEPS on June 27, 2013.

The maiden issue of the Journal features the pioneer batch of articles which include ten papers by authors from countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Singapore, along with CPSC papers. The articles discussed key issues pertinent to TVET like sustainable development, initiatives towards green economy, TVET financing, entrepreneurship, skills training, innovative learning practices and country TVET perspectives.


  1. Regional Cooperation and Linkages for a Greener Economy and the Role of TVET
  2. Innovative Initiatives for Sustainable Development
  3. Myanmar Perspectives on Transforming Education and Training in Support of the Green Economy
  4. Gearing an Institution towards the Green TVET Initiative: The CPSC Experience
  5. Performance of Vocational High School Headmasters in Terms of School Atmosphere, Managerial, Supervisory and Entrepreneurship Competencies in North Sumatra Province
  6. Determinant Factors of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Students in Kolej Komuniti Kok Lanas
  7. Innovative Authentic Learning Practices for Technical Education
  8. Humanistic Skills Training and Job Opportunities in Small and Medium Industries for National Dual Training System Trainees
  9. Towards a New Architecture of Sustainable TVET Financing: Some Issues, Concepts and Strategies
  10. Papua New Guinea’s TVET: at the Crossroads