Date: Volume 2, 2014
Type: Research articles, advocacy, conference, theme papers on TVET
Countries: India, Malaysia, Nepal, and the Philippines
Subject: Green environmental management, female participation in TVET, student centered learning, soft skills
Series: STEPS


The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) takes pride in launching its first ever Journal on TVET titled STEPS (Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series), which is a compendium of professionally written articles by TVET experts and research enthusiasts on key issues and developments pertinent to technical education in the Asia Pacific region and the world. CPSC releases the second issue of the STEPS compiling articles from countries India, Malaysia, Nepal, and the Philippines.

This issue compiles papers by TVET practitioners, university and polytechnic professors and TVET administrators from countries India, Malaysia and the Philippines. The articles discuss wide ranging issues on TVET such as: female participation in TVET; TVET's response and initiatives towards green economy; institutional productivity; green environmental management; polytechnic teachers’ burnout; soft skills ; innovative behavior; student-centered learning; and interest development and influence on study success.


  1. Government of Malaysia’s Initiatives for Green Economy and the TVET Response
    Mohlis bin Jaafar
    Roslee bin Yahya
    Hazrat Hussain
  2. Green Environmental Management: Carlos Hilado Memorial State College Practices
    Eduardo G. Sayson
    Ma. Teresa B. Ballados
  3. Hindering Factors of Female Participation in TVET in Nepal
    Ram Hari Lamichhane
  4. Level of Institutional Productivity and Organizational Climate of Carlos Hilado Memorial State Colleges Basis for Institutional Productivity Plan
    Vanessa Joy Z. Judith
  5. Promoting Innovative Behavior among Polytechnic Faculty Through Psychological Empowerment
    Tengku Ahmad Badrul Shah bin Raja Hussin
    Nik Azida binti Abd Ghani
    Aziz Zuddin bin Othman
  6. Teachers’ Burnout in Polytechnics of State of Uttar Pradesh in India and its Analysis
    Suresh K. Dhameja
    Varun Singh
  7. Factors Influencing the Implementation of Student-Centered Learning in Malaysian TVET Institutions
    Nik Azida binti Abd Ghani
    Tengku Ahmad Badrul Shah bin Raja Hussin
    Nor Asiah binti Ab Ghani
    Tengku M A
    Siti Rohani binti Hj. Ali
  8. Soft Skills in Polytechnic: Students’ Perspectives
    Riam Chau Mai
  9. Interest Development and Influence on Study Success in Engineering: Case Studies of Malaysia and Australia
    Aini Nazura Paimin
    Maizam Alias