Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS) Vol. 4, 2020

Fabricating Solar Power Generating Apparatus


    Rambuyan, Rogelio, C.
    Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Region 2
    Tuguegarao City, Philippines
    [email protected]


This research examines the functionality and efficiency of using the Solar Power Generating Apparatus and determines the benefits of using the project compared to commercial solar power lighting and charging systems. The study is important because it addressed the problems of indoor and outdoor lighting and capability of charging mobile phones. With the existing system, remote areas without electrical connection could be safely lighted at low cost instead of using candles. Data for this study were gathered through testing its functionality, and efficiency. The findings suggest that the use of this project is more economical than using candle light and very useful in rural areas with no electricity and in urban areas during power interruption. Main conclusions from the study are: The project is sustainable since it is low-cost, environment-friendly since it supports green technology and produces a cleaner alternative source of power for a healthy work environment. The main recommendation from this report is to use a bigger battery and higher wattage PV Module (Solar Panel) to increase the capacity of the project. It can be easily assembled by hobbyists and students taking courses under the Electrical and Electronics sector to develop their innovativeness.

Keywords: Solar Power, solar lighting system, solar power apparatus