Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS) Vol. 4, 2020

Status Of TVET in Relation to Industrial Revolution 4.0 in CPSC Member Countries


    Rajput, Abdul Ghani
    Faculty Specialist, Colombo Plan Staff College
    Manila, Philippines
    [email protected]


The purpose of this research is to examine and discuss the Industrial Revolution 4.0 implementation status in the TVET system of the CPSC member countries. The study was conducted in 16 CPSC member countries in Asia Pacific. A descriptive survey research design was used where both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were employed. Data collection methods included closed ended questionnaires. In order to analyze the qualitative data, the content analysis method is used to analyze the responses of respondents. The findings of the study showed that 25% of CPSC member countries have legal policy and framework documents to address the needs of IR 4.0. It is also revealed that 50% of CPSC member countries are directly and in-directly developing new innovative curricula to address the needs of IR 4.0 for the labor market. The findings also identified that all countries are suggesting to build the capacity development programs for trainers as well as to establish new modern labs to address the needs of IR 4.0. The research also suggested that CPSC member countries have to invest strategically to develop innovative strategy towards IR 4.0 and focus on development of new training programs.

Keywords: TVET, Industrial Revolution 4.0, TVET Policies.