Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS) Vol. 4, 2020

Status of Entrepreneurship Education in TVET in CPSC Member Countries


    Bhattarai, Sanyog
    Faculty Specialist, Colombo Plan Staff College Manila, Philippines


This research paper attempts to provide information on entrepreneurial education which is one of the major components of the TVET system. The study was conducted in 16 CPSC member countries in Asia Pacific, however only six of them provided information on the questionnaire provided by CPSC. A descriptive survey research design was used where both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were used. Data collection methods included closed ended questionnaires. In order to analyze the qualitative data, the content analysis method is used to analyze the responses received. The findings of the study showed that 90% of CPSC member countries have legal policy and framework documents to address the needs of entrepreneurship education. It was found that 80% of CPSC member countries have directly and indirectly addressed the entrepreneurial components in their curricula or competency standards. It was identified that all countries have realized the importance and need of entrepreneurship education to build the economy of the nation by producing entrepreneurs for small and mid-level enterprises.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, Education, Training, Technopreneurship