In its advocacy to a greener TVET through green initiatives that  emphasizes the use of renewable energy sources, The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) featured Hytec Power, Inc. through hosting their exhibit in CPSC and holding series of visits to their office and plant.

Hytec Power Inc. was established in 1994, with more than 50 skilled and committed staff coming from different fields of specialization. It is geared towards being the trendsetter, market leader and pioneer in providing total solutions to the industry and academic sectors. Its vision is “to be the FIRST-IN-MIND Service-Led Company” by being “the most reliable partner” through continuously aligning education and training programs tailored the needs of the industry. (Hytec Power Inc. brochure, back cover page)

Its services include: provision of excellent services and solutions to industry needs; sale and supply of state of the art educational and technical state-of-the-art-equipment; internship/on-the-job training for students; skills training and certifications; faculty-industry immersion and academe-industry linkage.

CPSC provided a venue for Hytec’s display of educational equipment and tools and featured their tools during the several visits and events hosted by the college. One of these visits constituted the delegation from the Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO), composed of four officers headed by the Director, Mejar (K) Dato’ Hj. Md. Nor Bin Yusof. Also, In time for the APACC International Accreditors Training on March 17, 2014 Hytec’s exhibit was showcased to the participants composed of TVET experts and accreditors from Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal and Thailand. 

The CPSC Director General, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub led the visit of the APACC participants to their headquarters in Quezon City on March 19, 2014.   Accompanying them is the Program Coordinator Dr. Hazrat Hussain, Faculty Consultant, Dr. Godelyn Hisole, CPSC Faculty Specialist and the CPSC Officers/Team Leaders.  During the visit, Hytec President Engr. Eric Jude S. Soliman with Engr. Cherilyn Vergara-Blay, ECE, Sales and Training Admin Manager, explained the functions of each equipment and expounded on the advantages of such state-of-the-art educational/training equipment and modern tools in advancing modern, self-paced, handy, mobile and convenient learning. A tour of the office facilities which included training facilities and accommodation for both professionals and student trainees was also part of the visit. 

Among the green technology tools featured is the “Green Kit”- a solar-wind-fuel cells energy trainer that was designed for the students studying renewable energy operations. It features an integrated board that shows how solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen fuel cell system operate. This kit is designed to aid engineers, students and planners on the viability of different renewable energy tools.

Salient features of this board include an automatic data acquisition and processing mechanism that features the following:
  1. Producing and storing hydrogen for fuel use
  2. Assembly of a fuel cell
  3. Determining data relevant to the operations of the renewable energy plants such as: the characteristic curve of the electrolyzer, fuel cost efficiency, decomposition voltage of water, voltage and current in series and parallel connection of the solar panels, light intensity and wattage generated by solar panels, electrical energy from the wind, among others.
  4. Practical applications of several laws on Physics such as Faraday’s Law and the concept of autarkic system with renewable energy are also integrated in the kit.
The exhibits also featured a robot named “Neo”. Solar battery operated and internally designed by the engineers in Hytec, this “smart”robot responds to voice commands, doing tasks such as clapping, dancing, picking items from the ground and speaking. This robot was designed as a symbol of a modern, technologically-oriented future that is reliant not on “brown” sources of energy but on “green” energy sources.