The International Seminar on Green Growth: The Korean Experience and International Scenario

To further sustain the lessons brought about by Regional Program, an International Seminar on “Green Growth: The Korean Experience and International Scenario” was held on 16th December 2013 at the Global Institute for Transferring Skills (GIFTS) in Seoul, Korea. The said seminar was attended by 45 participants of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Notable speakers included Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, Director General of CPSC, Dr. Jeong Ok Joo from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Dr. Harry Stolte of UNEVOC Center of Magdeburg, GIZ Germany, Dr. Kanjana Watansuntorn former Faculty Consultant of CPSC from Thailand and Dr. Nam Chul Lee from Korea Institute of Research in Vocational Training (KRIVET). Dr. Man Gon Park, former Director General of CPSC, moderated the first half of the session.

During the discussions, Dr. Jeong Ok highlighted the Korean green growth agenda with global scenario and the evolution of GGGI from a Non-Profit Korean Government Initiative to an International Inter-governmental organization. Supporting the statement of Dr. Ok, Dr. Kanjana stressed on the development of global Indicators scheme for sustainable development and green growth so that countries have an accepted yardstick to determine their status and form a basis to align their policies and plans to the accepted standards.

Dr. Lee presented the case of Korean TVET system that highlights the need to respond to the green growth on-coming requirements that is suited for the different sectors of the economy. Finally, Dr. Stolte talked about the different frameworks of collaboration with different international agencies dealing with green growth issues. To close the session, Dr. Man Gon Park expressed his thanks to the speakers for their excellent insights and presentations.

The International Seminar on Green Growth: The Korean Experience and International Scenario

The afternoon session of the seminar was marked by country paper presentations discussed by 12 member country representatives. The aim of the presentation was to share the experiences and practices of green growth being implemented in the national level in the member governments represented. Some of the common practices highlighted in the presentations are: (1) policy level interventions, (2) regulations for integration into TVET systems through extension services, (3) special extracurricular activities, (4) special events, (5) new qualifications for green jobs and (6) greening TVET institutions campuses. Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant and Program Coordinator moderated the session.

Dr. Naim, CPSC Director General, delivers his presentation