In view of further exploring international linkage that may bring collaborative projects on enhancing TVET skills geared towards sustainable development, the CPSC Director General, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub visited “Australia's leading public vocational education and training provider for more than 100 years”-- the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) NSW, on December 9, 2013 at Sydney, Australia.
TAFE NSW, “first represented by the apprenticeship system, which had become prominent in the 1800s because of a need to train unskilled convicts for a life in a new society,” “has grown into the organisation it is today by responding to, and preempting, community needs” and is now “professionally run, and highly competent in the delivery of education and training”. It also “ensures that its stakeholders “successfully make the transition to further education and work;” and “improve their skills and achieve higher level qualifications that meet the needs of industry.”
Dr. Naim gained deeper knowledge about TAFE NSW through the presentation of the overview of Sydney TAFE and Australian VET System by the institute’s International Business Unit. Open discussions were also held on sustainability programs of Sydney TAFE’s Skills and Sustainability in Renewable Energy for Higher Education, Electrotechnology, and Air conditioning programs. The DG also had an opportunity to have a glimpse of TAFE’s training and further education facilities through the General Campus Tour.

The Director General expressed his appreciation to TAFE for accommodating the visit, especially to Katherine Woods International Programs Manager, International Business Unit, TAFE who facilitated the arrangements for the visit. He conveyed his hopes for future collaborative programs with TAFE NSW, in particular on the sustainability programs as CPSC is in the direction of boosting and widely advocating green practices in its member countries.

Dr. Naim was with some professional collegues namely Mr. Khidzairy and Ms. Salina of Education Malaysia Australia during the visit.

(L-R) Ms. Salina of Education Malaysia Australia, David Riordan, Director, TAFE Sydney Institute,
Katherine Woods, International Programs Manager, International Business Unit, TAFE,
Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General,  and Mr. Dmitri of TAFE during the visit.