In continuing CPSC’s intensified effort for sustaining strong cooperation with member countries like Thailand, Dr. Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General, paid a courtesy visit to Thai’s Hon. Vice Minister for Education Dr. Kitti Limskul and to the Secretary General of OVEC, Dr. Chaipreuk Sereerak on August 15, 2013.

Dr. Naim first visited the Secretary General at the OVEC office. Apart from sharing CPSC’s activities and achievements with OVEC during the visit, the meeting also focused on the review of the recently conducted CPSC Regional Program on “Strengthening the Culture of Entrepreneurship in TVET”, including the International Seminar titled “Emerging Trends in Linking TVET to the World of Work through Entrepreneurship”.  Present during the meeting were Dr. Siriyupa Phurirak, Mr. Rangsan Thepmondhri, Mr. Surapong Ermuthai and Dr. Uraiwan Wannasilapa.

The OVEC SG and CPSC DG mutually conveyed gratitude for each other for the successful conduct of the RP last July 2013. Both CPSC and OVEC noted satisfaction of the program participants on the remarkable management of the latest RP. During the meeting, OVEC and CPSC shared their pride in recognizing the program as a venue for learning and exchanging experiences on the delivery of entrepreneurship education in TVET, not the least the success stories of Thailand’s TVET and higher education in promoting and inculcating entrepreneurship orientation in students.

Both CPSC and OVEC also expressed appreciation for the active program collaboration with Rajamangala University of Technology Tanyaburi (RMUTT), with the addition of a new partner, the Education Society Thailand (EST) through the said program.

In line with the string of successful activities and programs with Thailand, Dr. Naim offered to conduct a program for the Skills Development for Poverty Alleviation (SDPA) project to be held in Thailand in cooperation with OVEC before the end of the year. The OVEC SG, on the other hand, expressed agreement and promised to suggest an appropriate date soon. A formal letter of offer has been sent by CPSC to OVEC for their further action.
Immediately after his visit to OVEC, Dr. Naim, accompanied by Dr. Chaipreuk, paid a courtesy visit to Hon. Dr. Kitti Limskul. CPSC DG apprised the Hon. Vice Minister on activities that CPSC have conducted in and for Thailand, including programs with OVEC and RMUTT, both involving Thai and international participants. The Deputy Minister was pleased to note the active engagements of said parties to build capacity and promote TVET in the region.

CPSC DG Dr. Naim (rightmost) with OVEC SG Dr. Chaipreuk (2nd from right) with 
senior OVEC officials going through the meeting agenda.

OVEC SG, Dr.  Chaipreuk, 3rd from left, presents a token to CPSC DG, Dr. Naim.

From left: Dr. Chaipreuk, Dr. Naim, Hon. Vice Minister for Education of Thailand, Dr. Kitti Limskul, 
Mr. Rangsan and Mr. Surapong engaging in discussions.