December 5 is a memorable day for the college as it was formally established at the 23rd Consultative Committee Meeting of the Colombo Plan held in Wellington, New Zealand.

49 years since then, it has continually assisted countries in the Asia-Pacific region in developing and enhancing their technical and vocational education systems (TVET). It became operational in 1974 with the Republic of Singapore serving as the first host Government and in January 1987, CPSC moved to Manila, Philippines upon the invitation of the Philippine Government.

Through the years, CPSC has committed to be an Intergovernmental TVET leader for sustainable development by transforming TVET towards Sustainable Societies through Outcome-Based Quality Training, Accreditation, Research, Innovation and Image Building for its stakeholders.

Please join us in wishing the best future for CPSC as it commemorates 49 years of continued service to TVET in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Let us continue to join hands and plan prosperity together!