The Colombo Plan Staff College is pleased to announce the launch of the "Education Excellence for the 21st Century- Lessons from the Leading Countries in Asia". This publication aims to showcase the lessons on international higher education to cater to 21st century needs and expectations.

The book features an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the higher education systems of key Asia-Pacific countries and features the works of the following authors:

  1. Education Excellence in the 21st Century – Opportunities and Challenges
    Thamrongsak Moenjak, Ph.D.
  2. Educational System and Policies in Korea: Planning for the 21st Century
    Prof. Chang Suk Min, Ph.D.
  3. Japan’s Approaches towards Teaching 21st Century Competencies in Secondary and Higher Education for Developing Global Human Resources
    Prof. Keiichi Ogawa, Ph.D.
    Prof. Katsuki Sakaue, Ph.D.
  4. TVET Public Private Partnership (PPP): A School in Factory (SiF) Pilot Project
    Numyoot Songthapitak, Ph.D.
    Niwat Moonpa, Ph.D.
    Yoopayao Daroon, Ph.D.
  5. Education Excellence for the Twenty-First Century – Taiwan Experience
    Hsiu-chih Su, Ph.D.
    Prof. Yi-Fong, Pai, Ph.D.
  6. International Higher Education in the 21st Century
    Saqlain F. Halim, Ph.D.
  7. Indian Education System: Status, Challenges and Way Forward
    Prof. Rajesh Khambayat, Ph.D.
  8. Technical and Vocational Education System in Nepal: Gearing Towards 21st Century Challenges
    Ramhari Lamichhane, Ph.D.