ICT and Digital Skills in curriculum development takes center stage in another regional program conducted through online means. The event was conducted from February 15-20, 2020 and involved a total of 86 participants from all over the region.

The program was organized with the realization that TVET must properly prepare their students to live and work in the 21st Century. This preparation includes providing students with ICT and digital skills which should be the integral part of TVET curricula. Different TVET curricula were developed using the conventional processes before, but now different on-line portals and applications are available to develop curricula. The program aims to provide awareness and equip TVET curriculum developers with the necessary digital and ICT skills on curricula development.

The program was supervised by the Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane and was supported by the Faculty Specialists namely Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai and Engr. Abdul Ghani Rajput. Topics discussed during the program include the management of curriculum development in TVET, concepts of curriculum Development, developing curriculum structure, conducting DACUM, ICT and Digital Technology Tools and Processes, Using ICT to develop TVET courses and integrating 21st century skulls in developing curriculum. An action plan in developing curriculum was also submitted by the participants as a requirement.

Group Picture of the Participants

Participant from ITE Singapore, Ms. Sharon Wong, presents their action plan on behalf of their institution.
Participant from RTC Baguio (Philippines) presenting their action plans to the participants

The participants cited the program as being relevant particularly during the pandemic. They are looking forward to apply the lessons that they have gained in the lectures particularly the need to conduct workshops with emphasis on the visual elements, authoring and collaboration tools and digital implements to conduct DACUM. The participants also reiterated their commitment in advancing the interests of TVET to the member countries despite the limitations caused by the pandemic.

Ms. Suganti Ealangov from Malaysia
Ms. Analie Monserat from the Philippines
Ms. Sue Lee from Singapore

Mr. Hemajith Jayamaha from Sri Lanka
Ms. Manarath Ubaidh from Maldives