In the pursuit of bringing together experts from various sector from Nepal and different international scientific communities and to examine Nepal’s need for developing its financial and knowledge-based economy, the NRN (Non-Resident Nepali) Association organized the 1st NRN Asia Pacific Knowledge Convention with the theme “Knowledge Sharing among Nepalese: Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs following the COVID-19 Pandemic” on September 26-27, 2020 through Zoom Virtual Meeting.

The conference attempted to draw a great diversity of professionals and key stakeholders together from the Asia Pacific and Nepal with a focus to share knowledge, experience, and skills. Scholars, professionals, institutions, industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, educators, as well as non-profit organizations participated in the said event.

During the conference, CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane delivered a presentation on “TVET in the Context of COVID-19 in Nepal” at the Symposium 11 (S11). With the theme “Social Development in Post COVID-19 Era”, S11 focuses on the possible and necessary economic, social, and human resource transformation which will be brought about by the pandemic, and how the Nepal diaspora community can participate in the various developments and movements.