The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) gathered 5 countries for the Open Registration Program on Results-Based Project Management for TVET Institutions from October 5-9, 2020 via the online training platform. One public administration ministry from Bangladesh, technological/vocational colleges/schools and varied institutions in Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and Thailand exchanged insights and learnings on project management during the program.

The program was designed to equip participants with understanding and learning on: the concepts and processes of project management; the project cycle as key phases in project management; preparation of project problem tree analysis, objective and solution; development of project logical framework; result based M & E system; and application of digital technologies in project management.

CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, in his closing message for the participants remarked that “although most participants are very good project managers already, the program is (sort of) for sharpening the teeth, (so that) you will be more perfect and dynamic project managers. Your project management journey has been started…after this program, you have to apply (use of) the Gantt chart for your operational plan, monitoring and evaluation, stakeholders analysis, risk management areas, resource management and many other elements of project management. I salute all the participants for the dedication, commitment and time in joining this program, such that despite these critical times, where there is mental, financial resource and physical implications you opted to hone your skills in project management”.

Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai, Program Coordinator and Resource Person, congratulated the participants and said that the program proved to be fruitful as it had achieved its training goals. He said that CPSC indeed ensured that the team gave its best to design the program well and provide good inputs so that every participants learn the different concepts, techniques and approaches of project management.

Other resource persons included Engr. Abdul Ghani Rajput, CPSC Faculty Specialist and Mr. Rae Emmanuel Echaveria, CPSC Research Publication and Information Officer.

During the closing program and with their evaluation through the OnCOURSE, the participants expressed their appreciation to the resource persons for the excellent presentations and the overall program design and facilitation despite some of concerns on internet connections.