CPSC Year in Review 2019

January 2019
33rd Internal Quality Audit (CPSC, January 10-11);
106th Governing Board Session (CPSC, January 31)

February 2019
ICT Training for Office Productivity (CPSC, February 7-8); ORP on Quality Assurance System through Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Management Systems for TVET Institutions and Educational Systems (CPSC, February 11-15); Second APACC International Accreditors Training in PSSCIVE India (Bhopal, February 15-16); RP India on Entrepreneurship in TVET (Chandigarh, February 18-22); International Conference in India on Skilling for Self-Employment (Chandigarh, February 21-22); MoA Singing with Zhejiang Institute of Economics APACC (February 26); Onsite Visit to Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah-Malaysia (Shah Alam, February 26-28); Refresher Training for APACC Accreditors in CTEVT-Nepal (Kathmandu, February 27-28).

March 2019
Mr. Sanyog Bhattarai from Nepal start term as Faculty Specialist (March 1); Meeting with officials of MARA Malaysia (Selangor, March 4); Mr. Abdul Ghani Rajput from Pakistan start of term as Faculty Specialist (March 6); APACC Onsite Visit to KKTM Ledang, Malaysia (March 5-7); Staff Development Program on Performance Management (CPSC, March 8); Whole Day Divisional Knowledge Sharing Session (CPSC, March 11); CPSC Team Building (Bohol, March 14-16); Study Tour of Heads of Private Technical Schools in Nepal in Korea (Busan and Seoul, March 24-28); APACC Onsite Visit to PCET Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar, March 25-27); ICP Malaysia on Redesigning Teaching and Learning Practices Towards IR 4.0 (Kedah, March 25-29); APACC-MNCEA Joint Capacity Building Program on APACC Criteria and Process of Accreditation and Certification (Ulaanbaatar, March 29); MoU Signing between APACC and MNCEA (Ulaanbaatar, March 29).

April 2019
ICP Bhutan on the Role of Accreditation in Achieving Quality-Assured Programs (Thimphu, April 1-5); Visit to MoLHR Bhutan officials (Thimphu, April 4); Mr. Thanapon Khantawichai from Thailand joins CPSC as a Professional Intern (April 2); ICP Nepal on Skills for Youth Employability through Industry Linkages (Kathmandu, April 8-12); RP on Sustainable Skills and Employability though TVET (CPSC, April 22-26); PACUIT-Philippines National Conference (San Mateo, April 24); MoU Signing with BSU, RMSU, ZCSPC and MPC Philippines (April 24); MoA with PACUIT-Philippines (April 24); 3rd TVET Experts Forum and Meeting (Ningbo, April 26-27); CPSC and ZJTIE joint RP on Green Skills and New Economy for Sustainable Development (Manila and Hangzhou, April 29-May 10); TESDA 3rd National Quality TVET Forum (Manila, April 30).

May 2019
Dr. Vijay Dinkar Patil from India, start term as CPSC Seconded Faculty Consultant (May 1); CP of NSTB-Nepal officials on Enhancing Qualification Systems and Competency Standards (Manila, May 6-June 7); Communication Training Needs Assessment for CPSC Staff (May 10); Joint Training Program on TVET: The Singapore Experience (Singapore, May 13-17); Ms. Shiyu Lin from China joins CPSC as a Professional Intern (May 15); MoU Signing with Crown Institute of Higher Technology-Australia and National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research- Bhopal, India (May 21); Orientation on APACC Criteria and Processes for CPSC Staff (May 28); Visit of Ethiopian State Minister for Science and Higher Education to CPSC (May 29); Business Correspondence and Interpersonal Communication for CPSC Staff (May 30-31). CPSC Launches Training Manual on Developing a Curriculum and Training on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (May 2019);

June 2019
107th Governing Board Session (June 10); CPSC Gains ISO 9001:2015 certification (June 14); ICP Bangladesh on Developing Industry-Institution Linkage in TVET (June 16-20); ICP Sri Lanka on Development of Curriculum integrating Technopreneurship (Colombo, June 17-21); CP of BFIN Nepal on Banking and Finance (June 17-21); Study Visits of MoLHR Bhutan Officials in Australia and Malaysia (June 19-26); APACC Onsite Visit to Concepcion Vocational School-Philippines (Tarlac, June 24-25); CPSC Training on Boosting Productivity in the Workplace (June 28).

July 2019
CPSC DG awarded as one of the 251 Fabulous global leaders at the 8th World Education Congress (Mumbai, July 4-5); ORP on Strategic Planning (CPSC, July 8-12); MoA Signing with the Dhaka Technical Trainers Training Institute (CPSC, July 12); 34th Internal Quality Audit (July 17).

August 2019
ASEAN TVET Officials Meeting (Chiang Mai, August 1-4); Visit of IDMO Timor Leste to CPSC (August 5); CP on Executive Leadership Development for the Digital World with BFIN-Nepal (CPSC, August 19-23); FIRE Up Society: Preparing the Filipino Worker for IR 4.0 (Makati, August 23); RP on Skilling TVET in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (CPSC, August 25-29); CPSC-ADB International Skills Forum on the Future of Skills and Jobs in the Age of Digital Age Disruptions (August 27-29)

September 2019
APACC Onsite Visit to IRPCT Thailand (Rayong, September 2-4); CP on Strategic Planning for IDEB-Bangladesh (CPSC, September 2-6); 4th International Conference on Research in TVET (Jakarta, September 8-10); Meeting with APO-AB Senior Accreditation Officers (CPSC, September 12); ICP Fiji on Greening TVET for Sustainable Development (Suva, September 16-20); CP on Greening TVET for Sustainable Development for Don Bosco Philippines (Makati, September 16-20); APACC Onsite Visit to PSAS Malaysia (Perak, September 18-20); ; UNESCO-UNEVOC High Level Seminar in the Philippines (Taguig, September 23); 18th HR and Skills Development Conference (Cotabato City, September 23-25); CP on Reinventing Human Resource Management for BFIN-Nepal (September 23-27); MoU Signing with MinTVET-Philippines (September 24); MoU Signing with MAAP-Philippines (Bataan, September 30)

October 2019
Don Bosco National TVET Conference (Taguig, October 4); 15th AASVET International Conference (Putrajaya, October 6-7); ICP Philippines on Quality Management System in TVET (October 7-11); Skillman International Forum (Florence, October 10-11); Girls’ Education Research and Policy Symposium: Learning Across a Lifetime by Brookings Institution (Washington DC, October 15); RP on Quality Assurance in TVET and APACC Strategic Planning (October 21-25); MoU Renewal with TMP Tech and TMPF-Philippines (October 30)

November 2019
10th Regional Policy Dialogue by GIZ-RECOTVET (Yangon, November 13-15); 1st INDMO International Conference and MoU Signing (Dili, November 15); Meeting with the new OVEC Secretary General (Bangkok, November 21); College Administrators Meeting (Pathum Thani, November 22); ICP Myanmar on Application of Blue Ocean Strategy (Yangon, November 18-22); CP on Instructional Design for E-Learning Course (November 25- December 6); Quality Assurance through Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for TVET Institutions and Educational System (Nueva Vizcaya, November 26-29)

December 2019
ORP on Results-Based Project Management (CPSC, December 2-5); CPSC 46th Year Anniversary (December 5); ICP Bangladesh on Readiness of TVET for IR 4.0 (December 8-12); Study Tour of CTEVT-Nepal Officials in Malaysia and Thailand (December 8-14); CP on Results-Based Project Management for IDEB Participants (CPSC, December 9-13); Study Tour of Nepal Officials in Australia (December 15-21); ICP Nepal on Leadership for the 21st century (Kathmandu, December 16-20)