DATE & VENUE: 16-20 Mar 2020 | CPSC, Manila, Philippines
PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/CPIDN08 (Cutomized Program)
TARGET GROUP: This course is specifically designed for 10 Directors and Department Heads of Don Bosco TVET Centres Indonesia/Timor Leste.


The TVET sector in the 21st century is operating in an environment that requires top TVET policy makers to possess good combination of hard TVET skills, exceptional leadership qualities and amiable interpersonal attitudes for the success of the TVET sector today. They have to deal with tremendous pressure and numerous responsibilities every day of their professional lives. Thus, they need to be efficient in managing multiple operations and should have attention to details at the same time.

Transforming TVET requires change. One of the perceived bottlenecks in effecting change in TVET institutions relates to the lack of change leaders and a lack of capacity to develop a vision and implement change. Transformative leaders need to have a clear vision, a sound thematic knowledge base and have the skills to drive change.

Leadership is about managing change and guiding growth in fluid environments. Leadership requires a ‘change capable culture’ that gives space to lead. Moreover, to sustainably grow, a TVET Institutions are shifting from viewing leadership development as a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. Leadership development programs are mission critical to TVET Intuition organizational success.


The program aims for participants to:

  • gain knowledge, skills and competencies to be an effective leader of a TVET organization;
  • reflect on the importance of good leadership in achieving the TVET Sustainable Goals;
  • practice effective communication strategies in a diverse workplace environment;
  • apply methods on how the leadership and management dynamics can contribute to the TVET Institutions’ effectiveness;
  • Identify issues and goals of managing change and improving adaptability through organizational development strategies;
  • Prepare an action plan for creating positive and enhanced effectiveness of respective Educational Institutes