DATE & VENUE: 23-27 Sep 2019 | CPSC, Manila, Philippines
PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/CPNP04 (Customized Program)
PARTICIPANTS' PROFILE: This course is specifically designed for Junior/Senior Officials/Head of HR Management in Head Offices and Branches.
COLLABORATING PARTNER: Banking Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal (BFIN) Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal


Banking has been and will always be a "People Centered Business". For banking, the importance of Human Resource Management (HRM) has grown manifold because the industry has crossed the national boundaries and customers are knowledgeable and demand prompt services these days. The human factor has now been recognized as one of the key elements for organizational success. The growing importance of the human factor and of HRM) due to its pervasive nature have tended to change the role of today’s managers-line and specialist, in terms of handling human resource issues.

Due to increased digitalization and automation in the banking industry, this sector has also become more risky and data security and cyber threats are emerging challenges in the industry. Therefore, the effectiveness of HRM is the key to sustainability of the industry and to provide quality and efficient services to the customers in this globalized industry faced with cut-throat competition.

This training program conducted by BFIN in collaboration with CPSC is targeted to HR professionals to provide updated knowledge and skills in the key areas of HR management.


The program aims for participants to:

  • Comprehend the concepts, principles and functions of HR to enhance managerial effectiveness;
  • Comprehend the concept of group dynamics required for being an effective team player;
  • Apply the relevant principles of staff recruitment and selection in HRM;
  • Apply the principles of ICT & digital technology for effective HR Management;
  • Apply the relevant stress management techniques in given situation;
  • Develop an effective performance appraisal (PA) plan.

Course Contents

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Introduction to HR Management and Functions
  • Theme Paper 2: Human Resource Planning
  • Theme Paper 3: Staff Recruitment and Selection
  • Theme Paper 4: Understanding of Group Dynamics to be an effective Team Player
  • Theme Paper 5: Motivation Management for Retention of Staff
  • Theme Paper 6: Application of ICT & Digital Technology for Effective HR Management
  • Theme Paper 7: Stress and Conflict Management for Efficiency Enhancement
  • Theme Paper 8: Performance Appraisal for effective HR Management

Group Work

  • Group Work 1: Self-Assessment on Managerial Traits
  • Group Work 2: Team Building Exercise
  • Group Work 3: Case study on Motivation and Retention with presentation.
  • Group Work 4: Stress Management Exercise
  • Group Work 5: Performance Appraisal Activity