We are pleased to inform you that CPSC invites interested authors, experts and students to publish their research papers/articles to CPSC Journal on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) titled STEPS (Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series).

The journal, currently on its fourth issue, is a publication which seeks to generate information, new findings, strategies, innovations, best practices on TVET and provide a launch pad for research-based papers or original research articles, case studies, review or report articles, papers presented in TVET conferences, or any compilation of current information covering issues, concerns, trends, and development in TVET in the Asia-Pacific Region in particular and the world at large.

For this edition, CPSC will feature Green TVET Practices and Initiatives of CPSC Member Countries. Papers and researchers will revolve to a theme that highlights the importance of promoting sustainable and environmental-friendly TVET practices centered towards making TVET socially relevant in lieu of the upcoming challenges and problems such as climate change. Topics that can be featured includes, but are not limited to the following suggestions:

  1. Technical TVET researches on sustainable and environmental friendly TVET practices
  2. Education for sustainable development
  3. Promotion of “green jobs”
  4. Development of green curriculum
  5. Facilitation of Asian TVET as a catalyst for industrial transformation

Thus, paper submissions will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the proposed topic to the theme
  2. Innovativeness and creativity of the paper
  3. Usability in addressing emerging challenges on sustainable development

Please find enclosed details of the paper’s prescribed format of the paper. Upon submission, these will be subjected to a blind review involving a panel of qualified TVET experts through a multi-stage review and assessment before being included to the final lineup. This is to ensure the high academic quality of the papers submitted to our journal.