Prof. Hidetoshi Miyakawa, Professor, Chubu University, Japan receives a token of appreciation from Mr. Hassan Bakti Nasution, Vice Rector
of the State Institute for Islamic Studies in North Sumatra, Indonesia, looking on are Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General,
 and Dr. Hazrat Hussain, Program Coordinator.
In a warm gesture of support and appreciation, and a reciprocation of the warm hospitality and exchange of knowledge and support between CPSC and the Government of Japan, Prof. Hidetoshi Myakawa, Professor at the College of Contemporary Education at Chubu University, Japan, paid a visit to the CPSC Headquarters in Manila, Philippines from June 5 to 6, 2014. 

His visit coincided with the Customized Program on Capacity Building of State Institute for Islamic Studies – IAIN North Sumatra Lecturers and Staff on Educational Leadership and Management where training for 19 faculty and staff of the Indonesian institution was conducted.

Dr. Naim and Prof. Miyakawa at
the JICA Philippines Office. 
Some of the main highlights of his visit included a courtesy call to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) office in Manila in which he, together with the CPSC Director General Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, discussed possible areas of collaboration with Mr. Niwa Noriaki, Chief Representative of JICA Philippines Office.

Prof. Miyakawa imparted a short presentation to the Indonesian participants where he discussed Japan’s role in fostering economic development of the region and the importance of higher learning institutions in developing the future workforce to tackle the emerging issues on employability and sustainability.

The university professor from Japan has also worked as an Adviser for Industrial Technology Education of JICA for about 15 years in which he contributed significantly in the fulfillment of JICA’s mandate for its development partners.

A similar visit was made by Dr. Naim to Japan on July 19, 2013 where he formally met with Prof. Miyakawa. He delivered a lecture on the program entitled "Industrial Technology Education Training Course" at Aichi University in Nagoya. Attended by 150 participants from 13 countries, the program paved the way for renewing associations of CPSC with the Government of Japan through such educational endeavors with the support of Prof. Miyakawa.