In CPSC’s pursuit to relive ties with former member country Iran, the CPSC Director General, Dr. Naim Yaakub made courtesy visits to various ministries and TVET institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran from September 24 to 28 2012.

Dr. Naim presented and shared CPSC’s current activities, programs and projects with high officials from the: Ministry of Cooperative, Labor and Social Services; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Technical and Vocational University); Supreme Council of Education; Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO); Instructors’ Training Center (ITC) and other TVET schools and organizations in Iran.

CPSC and above concerned ministries and TVET institutions exchanged notes and discussed possible areas of cooperation and future collaboration particularly in the area of capacity building programs. Each expressed hope for the beginning of a strong partnership and looked forward for the commencement of joint programs in the near future.

The Director General’s mission culminated on a very positive note with a promise of rekindled ties with Iran.