May the Pongal festival bring you prosperity and goodness in your life, and harvest its fruits that will come along your way! We wish you and your family a vibrant celebration of Pongal.

The festival of Pongal is annually celebrated by Hindus to thank the Sun God, “Surya Bhagawan” for the blessing of the bountiful harvest. This four-day festival usually starts on either January 14 or January 15 and this year, it will be celebrated from January 15 to January 18 (2024). Likewise, Pongal is a significant festival especially in Tamil Nadu, India which marks the end of the winter solstice, transitioning to the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai. As a symbol of gratitude, prosperity and abundance, the celebration of Pongal brings together the cultural enrichment of agriculture and humanity across India and the world.

Countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore celebrate this festival as a tribute to the harvest season.


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