The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) has successfully implemented a webinar entitled Effective Research Article Writing Using Proper Methodology and Guide last June 7, 2023, 1:00 - 2:30 PM (Philippine Standard Time) via Zoom platform, live streamed through YouTube. A total of 130 participants joining through Zoom and YouTube livestream were able to attend the session. Most of the attendees were from various TVET institutions as practitioners and academicians from TVET-related disciplines.

This program was supervised by CPSC Director General, Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe. The session was facilitated and moderated by CPSC Governing Board-Engaged Faculty Consultant, Dr. Kesavan Ulaganathen. The lecture was primarily delivered by the Director of UPM Press., Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dr. Mohamed Thariq Bin Haji Hameed Sultan.

This webinar aimed to spread awareness on the importance of research publication for academic practitioners; understand systematic flow of the research publication process; and provide value in writing an effective research paper, following useful tools, guidelines, and credible methodologies. The webinar also covered areas in the publication process such as formatting, citation styles, plagiarism detection, reviewers’ comments, etc.

Photos of the webinar lecturer Dr. Mohamed Thariq Bin Haji Hameed Sultan delivering the lecture and program moderator Dr. Kesavan Ulaganathen facilitating the program

Some of the highlights of the lecture delivered include: the research writing process (prewriting, writing, revision, proofreading, and publishing); the review process including the review period; the IMRAD process (introduction, methodology, results, and discussion); and the process of submitting to indexed journals. The lecturer encouraged the participants to submit their research papers to credible ISI-indexed journals for them to gain visibility in the research community. After the lecture, a question and answer portion ensued where Dr. Mohamed Thariq catered to the inquiries, comments, and feedback of the participants.

Screenshot of the participants during the program