Asst. Secretary of DFA-UNIO, Hon. Kira Christianne Danganan-Azucena (left) and the CPSC Director General, Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe (right)

The CPSC Director General, Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe, made a courtesy call to the Department of Foreign Affairs- Office for United Nations and International Organizations (DFA-UNIO) on March 23, 2022. This is in lieu of his plan to personally meet and liaise with CPSC Governing Board officials based in the Philippines.

Accompanied by the CPSC Executive Secretary, Mr. Jan Michael Marasigan, he presented his credentials to the newly appointed DFA-UNIO Assistant Secretary, Hon. Kira Christianne Danganan- Azucena and the Assistant for Socio-Cultural Division, Ms. Evella Rose Macadangdang.

Prof. Wickramasinghe informed the DFA-UNIO officials about the activities implemented by CPSC for the Philippines, particularly the training programs held during this fiscal year. He also mentioned the current status of the Philippines’ hosting of CPSC at its current location, as well as recent and upcoming partnerships with prominent digital education content creators and industry leaders both in the Philippines and abroad. These activities may potentially bring benefits to the TVET sector of the Philippines, especially in the teacher training area.

Asst. Sec. Danganan-Azucena meanwhile, commended CPSC’s significant contributions to the TVET sector, especially in the Philippines. She provided relevant ideas concerning CPSC’s position in the region and proposed measures to establish a good communications plan to effectively engage the member countries and other potential members.