From left to right: Mr. Witsarut Piyavongsomboon (Second Secretary for Information and Protocol, Royal Thai Embassy); Mr. Thawat Sumitmor, (Chargé d'Affaires, a.i., Royal Thai Embassy), Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe (Director General, CPSC)

Mr. Sumitmor and Prof. Wickramasinghe exchanging tokens from their respective organizations.

The CPSC Director General, Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe, made a courtesy call to the Head of Mission of the Royal Thai Embassy in Manila on November 3, 2021 to formally introduce himself as the most recent official to hold the position, as well as to discuss relevant information concerning Thailand’s membership in CPSC. He was welcomed by the Embassy officials Mr. Thawat Sumitmor, ChargĂ© d'Affaires, a.i. and Mr. Witsarut Piyavongsomboon, Second Secretary (Information and Protocol).

The meeting was marked with the affirmation of continued support to CPSC by the Royal Thai Government through its official mission in Manila. They also discussed the current status of Thailand’s recent participation in CPSC programs especially the upcoming in-country program on February 2022. The future plans of Prof. Wickramasinghe for the member countries, particularly Thailand was also part of the dialogue during the visit.

In addition, Prof. Wickramasinghe also informed Mr. Sumitmor of the current open positions in CPSC, which includes faculty consultant and specialist posts. He requested if the Embassy can promote and advertise these posts as some relevant institutions might not be aware of these opportunities. He also apprised the Embassy officials of the partnerships and sponsorships that CPSC has recently obtained, which includes ILO and Labtech. He added that Thailand and CPSC may seek and get donor funding for some collaborative programs to be implemented in Thailand.