Now on its 6th edition, the Skillman Network conducted the Skillman International Forum (SIF) 2020, wherein CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane took part as one of the speakers. The event was conducted via Zoom Virtual Meeting on December 10-11, 2020.

Dubbed as part of a long journey in realizing common goals aiming at improving education and TVET, the forum is envisioned to adopt a holistic approach to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, and to be a platform in discussions about the emerging Skills for Life and Jobs, the key skills that people have to possess to actively participate in society and for their employability. One of the main focuses of the forum is the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems in this transformative process.

In line with this, Dr. Lamichhane delivered a presentation on Greening TVET for Sustainable Development. During his talk, he shared his insights on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2020 (SDG), and how it is interrelated with education, TVET, and the creation and advancement of green skills and green jobs resulting to a more sustainable progress.

Starting in 2015, the Skillman Network has been conducting the SIF in various locations around Europe. However, in response to the challenge of implementing the forum in the time of a global pandemic, the organizers headed by the founder Giovanni Crisonà has decided to launch it virtually in 2020. Despite the different platform, it was warmly received and participated in by policy makers, learning providers, experts and other key stakeholders all over the globe. CPSC, through its Director General, has been tapped by the Skillman Network as one of its partner expert since 2019. The full video of the forum may be accessed through YouTube here: