The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) joined hands with the Don Bosco TECH-ASEAN for the first ever virtual Customized Program on TVET Leadership Development and Management Enhancement for the 21st Century, held from November 23-27 via Zoom.

CPSC and the Don Bosco TECH ASEAN linked up to design and deliver a program to enhance the capacity of 22 TVET headmasters, principals, directors, managers, collaborators, coordinators and in charge of Don Bosco Tech centers, schools, hotel schools, foundations and varied TVET institutions of the Don Bosco network in the ASEAN countries. The participating countries include Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam.

The program equipped the Don Bosco managers and heads on: knowledge, skills and competencies to be effective leaders in TVET; reflecting on the importance of good leadership in achieving TVET Sustainable Goals; effective communication strategies in a diverse workplace environment; applying methods on how the leadership and management dynamics can contribute to the TVET Institutions’ effectiveness; identifying issues and goals of managing change and improving adaptability through organizational development strategies; and on preparing an action plan for creating positive and enhanced effectiveness of their respective TVET institutes or organizations.

A first international webinar for the Don Bosco in the ASEAN level, Bro. Ephrem Santos, Coordinator, Don Bosco TECH, Indonesia, in his special remarks expressed his pleasure in working with CPSC on the realization of such milestone of coming together and sharing of resources of the participating countries through the program. He wished that “such union may bring forward the name and the missions of Don Bosco in the TVET sector where the young and the poor people are in order to uplift them and lessen poverty in their areas”. He further emphasized that “I’m sure that, through this program, we will achieve a lot in improving the levels of our TVET centers. What is important is we apply immediately the principles that we have just learned and discussed among ourselves. No matter how small or seems imperfect, we have already made the first step forward.” He also said that the program indeed signals for a strong partnership between CPSC and the Don Bosco TECH ASEAN.

The Program Coordinator and Resource Person, Engr. AbduI Ghani Rajput considered the conduct of the program as “a big day” for CPSC. After finally conducting the program despite the challenges met during the arrangements, the program was successfully completed. He also underscored his appreciation for the sincere interest of each participating country while the sessions were virtually ongoing. He said that, “Indeed, it was a milestone program for both CPSC and the Don Bosco Tech ASEAN.”

Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, CPSC Director General and Program Resource Person, in his closing remarks expressed that the program had been a learning platform for both the Don Bosco and CPSC and said that “I wish that the learnings gained from this program will be replicated in your respective institutions and that you will sharpen your skills and be better leaders. Whatever you have learned you have to unlearn or implement, then you have to learn again as you implement. It is a continuous cycle to learn, unlearn and relearn.“ Further, he rest assured that CPSC is always ready to provide services to Don Bosco which has been a very staunch partner of CPSC ever since. Engr. Sanyog Bhattarai, CPSC FacuIty Specialist was also among the Resource Persons.