A face to face meeting of the organizations that comprise the consortium of the Future Movers Programme (FMP) including the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC), was hosted by TUV Rhineland Philippines at their office in Makati City on December 1, 2020.

In a socially-distanced setup comprised of only ten persons representing the different organizations particularly from the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) headed by Mr. Sreenivas Narayanan; German Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) headed by Ms. Jana Franke-Everett, TUV Rhineland Philippines and CPSC met with the Monitoring Mission representative from the project’s donor Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL), Ms. Faye Pecson.

During the meeting, lead partner ASSIST shared about key deliverables of the project that were adjusted in line with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Ms. Pecson, on the other hand, presented the objectives of the monitoring modalities and what could be expected of the exchanges between her and the partners. She also emphasized that the said undertaking is not to audit the project but to collaborate with the consortium on any further restrategizing that may need to be done to achieve the targets of the programme.

CPSC was represented by the Ms. Arlene Cruz, the Projects and Consultancy Division Officer and Mr. Rae Emmanuel Echaveria, the Research, Publications and Information Division Officer. Both staff members are involved in the project as documentation and research officers, respectively.

The meeting was the first physical meeting of the FM consortiumafter series of virtuaI meetings spread during earIier months since the Covid pandemic.

Various activities are in the pipeline which include the Future Movers’ First Stakeholders Forum. The event, scheduled on December 9, 2020, aims to invite and increase the interest of TVET institutions to the project and become potential project beneficiaries. It will also engage members of the private sector and government representatives to the different projects that the consortium will launch in the coming months.

The “Future Movers Programme” with its catchphrase “BEST FOR MARAWI, is a consultancy project which is an innovative VET ecosystem promoting increased and certain employability among youth IDPs in post-conflict Marawi. Marawi City is a predominantly Muslim City located in Northern Mindanao, Philippines which was caught in the middle of an armed conflict in 2017.

Attendees of the event comply with the government guidelines on physical meetings including the maintenance of a 1-meter distance between each other and the wearing of masks and face shields
Mr. Sreenivas Narayanan, head of ASSIST, welcoming the participants to the meeting