DATE & VENUE:16-20 Sep 2019 | Suva, Fiji
PROGRAM CODE:19-20/ICPFJI (In-Country Program)
PARTICIPANT'S PROFILE:Top and medium level TVET Professionals such as CEO, Directors, Principals, Administrators, Deputy Directors, Vice Principals and Project Managers.
COLLABORATING PARTNER:Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts, Republic of Fiji


TVET policy and implementation must be geared towards the promotion of sustainable practices that are necessary to minimize its impact to the environment and at the same time address labor market demands. This theme aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fiji National Development Plan and alludes towards Fiji’s efforts to tackle climate change and the environment. It also alludes to the Blue Green Policy Paper. TVET has consistently reinvented itself to be a discipline that does not only actively provide technical skills to workers but also contributes to the awareness and improvement of education by generating green jobs. In the sustainable development goals matrix, TVET aims to contribute to Goal: 4, which is the promotion and implementation of quality education for all.


  • Understand the concept of Green TVET and green skills development
  • Explore the five pillars strategy of greening TVET
  • Identify key elements in terms of policy and regulatory frameworks.

Expected Outcomes

The participants should be able to:

  • have a better understanding of how to integrate the education pillars with the common sustainable development practices:
  • understand that TVET sector is but a “mere supplier” of skilled labour will soon be a thing of the past;
  • emphasising changes that embrace the values of sustainable development;
  • encourage societies to shape their future actively and responsibly.