DATE & VENUE: 16-20 Sep 2019 | Makati, Philippines
PROGRAM CODE: 19-20/CPPH03 (Customized Program)
PARTICIPANTS' PROFILE: The program will impart learning to the 25 Technical Directors and Assistant Technical Directors of TVET Centers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines.


The greening TVET is new socio-economic idea and paradigm strategies of most countries specifically in Asia and the Pacific, which seeks to achieve economic development, while at the same time protecting the environment and achieving sustainable economic and social development. This entails transitioning to green jobs and green skills, and to creating new jobs in relation to the greening of workforces. Green jobs are relevant across all key sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, building, transport, tourism, and renewable energy. Skills acquisition and enhancement have great positive implications for all aspects of education and training, and for businesses . Over the past several decades, technological developments have been phenomenal due to globalization and regional advancements. Rapid environmental shifts are causing fundamental transformations that cause a dramatic impact on management of organizations in general and TVET. The world of organizations and management is changing. Due to rapid ubiquitous changes, TVET should not be regarded as a deep and profound bottomless space. TVET must respond and acquire a modern strategic mindset in meeting the future at the forefront of global challenges.

At this point, TVET should further realign itself to be sensitive to the present and upcoming trends, issues and challenges that will chart its direction in making itself a significant and much-needed alternative to mainstream education. This would require extensive efforts on identifying present trends, learning from past experiences and charting future directions as guided by the findings from the past and present. There is a need to shift the TVET Institutions’ strategies in regards with planning on program offerings specifically on the jobs that will be soon will become an ‘obsolete’ because the jobs of the most industries will require “green jobs”. This training program is very timely to develop an action plans ensuring that our programs will be more responsive to the needs of our partner industries.


The program intends to create a platform for the participants to:

  • Understand the concept of Greening TVET and green skills development
  • Apply the five pillars strategy of greening TVET
  • Develop action plan for the implementation of five pillars strategy of greening TVET.

Course Contents

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Transforming TVET for Sustainable Development
  • Theme Paper 2: Greening Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Skills Development: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Theme Paper 3: Five Pillars of Greening TVET Framework
  • Theme Paper 4: Integrating Green Skills and Competencies in the TVET Curriculum
  • Theme Paper 5: Recent developments and Examples of Greening TVETin Asia and the Pacific
  • Theme Paper 6: Panel Discussion on Greening TVET Initiatives (ILO, Enterprise, TESDA)

Group Work

  • Group Work 1: SWOT Analysis in the implementation of Greening TVET Program
  • Group Work 2: Activity (Participants)
  • Group Work 3: Case Study on Green Skills/TVET