In celebration of the annual national day in August 9, Singapore adopts the theme “We are Singapore” in commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of their separation from the Federation of Malaya and becoming an independent country.

According to the National Day Parade organizers, the theme “defines the Singapore Spirit, invoking the strength and resilience which built Singapore and empowers Singaporeans to overcome future challenges and adversities together”.

Singapore's 53rd year of independence will be celebrated with familiar sights like the Red Lions' parachuting performance, parade and ceremony featuring the presidential gun salute on the M3G raft, a Salute to the Nation performed by the Air Force and a special tribute to 50 years of National Service. Additionally for the first time, NDP will feature two Dynamic Defense Display segments showcasing national capabilities and whole-of-government response against security threats.

2018 Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) the Float at Marina Bay

All information can be found on: In a celebration of the strength and unity of the Singaporean people, this year's National Day Parade (NDP) Parade & Ceremony (P&C) segment will bring together over 2,600 participants from different walks of life in a traditional and dignified parade that represents who we are as a nation.

This demonstration of will and commitment to secure and defend our home will consist of 33 marching contingents, the Combined Schools Choir - a crowd favorite returning after a five-year hiatus - and the largest combined Military Tattoo performance for an NDP held at the Float

In addition there will be three acts representing different Singaporean themes:

Act 1: Our People, Our Home- This act will illustrate the pursuit of hopes, aspirations and dreams of our people in spite of the challenges encountered. The stage design will offer surprises during the Show. For the first time, the stage setup at the Floating Platform will feature swivel panels that can be combined to form a single 50m-wide screen, or multiple smaller screens.

Act 2: Our Hopes, Our Aspirations: This act will depict people from diverse backgrounds coming together to work hard towards their personal aspirations and forge the future of Singapore. A visual spectacle to all, Act 2 involves a water procession of 18 vessels comprising lit-up boats and floats that will sail around the bay, opening up the celebrations to the thousands around the Marina Bay area.

Act 3: Our Spirit, Our Strength” This act will depict how the perseverance and determination of our people can triumph the challenges and adversities faced. Embodied with the Singapore spirit, every Singaporean can achieve the extraordinary. This act hopes to inspire Singaporeans to persevere and define their success stories in life and be the change they want to see, in their lives and the lives of the people around them.


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