GB News

  • CPSC Welcomes New Governing Board Member from India, H.E. Jaideep Mazumdar


  • National Consultation Workshop Kickstarts Corporate Plan 2018-2023 Preparations
  • TVET Experts Converge in Manila to Discuss CPSC’s Direction for the Next Five Years
  • CPSC Director General Strengthens Partnership Ties with Institutions in Singapore
  • Saudi Skills Standard (SSS) invites CPSC and APACC to Monitor the Quality of Trainings
  • TVET Agency in Ethiopia Learns More of APACC on Second Visit to CPSC
  • CPSC DG Shares TVET Best Practices at the Asia TVET Experts Forum 2017 in Malaysia
  • CPSC Highlights the Importance of Regional Cooperation in the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction Conference held in Manila
  • CPSC Director General Attends the 2017 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition and Forum on E-commerce in Nanning, China
  • 30th Internal Quality Audit Successfully Conducted



  • Pakistan Hosts Regional Program on Skills for Youth Employability with CPSC
  • Regional Program in Dhaka Highlights the Need for Global Competitiveness in TVET

International Conference

  • Bangladesh Prime Minister is the Chief Guest in IDEB-CPSC International Conference on Skills for the Future World of Work


  • Green Skills in Non-Formal Learning Systems Tackled in a Three-Day Special International Program of CPSC and UNESCO


  • Nepal Eyes Establishment of Vocational Qualifications System, Partners with CPSC for NSTB Study Tours to Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
  • Nepal Officials Visit Hong Kong for Exposure Visit Program
  • CPSC and Access Australia Group Conduct TVET Study Visit Program in Melbourne and Sydney for Nepal Government Officials
  • Nepalese TVET Officials in Manila for a Five-Day Study Visit on Apprenticeship Training and Workers’ Further Training System


  • Quezon National Agricultural School Undergoes On-Site Revisit for 2nd APACC Reaccreditation

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