To carry forward Colombo Plan Staff College’s (CPSC) agenda for sustainable development among one of its focal envisioned state for the period 2013-18, the Regional Program titled “Green growth and the TVET Response” was inaugurated at the Global Institute for Transferring Skills (GIFTS) Incheon Korea on 12th December, 2013.

Dr. Yi Sung Ki, Vice President of Human Resources Development Services (HRD) Korea, was the Chief Guest of the occasion.  He warmly welcomed the 18 participants from CPSC member countries and highlighted the significance of the program and its relevance.  He is very pleased of the selection of the venue for the training program. He termed the regional program as a springboard for sharing current challenges in sustainability issues, existing best practices especially in South Korea and the role that TVET can play in promoting the agenda of sustainability through green growth. He emphasized that efforts must be undertaken for programs, strategies and practical interventions in offsetting the damage brought about by the impacts of earlier and on-going industrialization through clean and green technologies and related system-wide collective response.

This regional program and the embedded seminar held on 19th December, will share current best practices for green growth in Asia, international practices and significant opportunities for collaborations in the field of green growth through TVET. The program’s social activities will also expose participants to the rich culture of Korea. The International Seminar will particularly tackle “Green Growth: The Korean Experience and the International Scenario” which will be addressed by speakers from HRD Korea, UNESCO and Thailand.

Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, Director General of CPSC, while welcoming the participants representing the CPSC member countries, shared about his involvement in CPSC programs in Korea held at SIVAT way back in 2004. Dr. Naim mentioned about the Korean growth marked by “The Miracle on Han River” that witnessed phenomenal growth during the last 50 years which include electronic products, ships building and auto industry that have made tremendous inroads to the global market. He also mentioned that Korea is the axis of TVET excellence as demonstrated by winning the world skills competition for 18 times and tops countries in Asia for promoting green growth. He appreciated the open heartedness of GIFTS for conducting the regional program and wished for continued partnership with them and for future collaborative programs. He acknowledged with thanks the participation of the senior executives from the member countries.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Yi Sung Ki, mentioned about the evolution to excellence in  human resources development  through  HRD Korea that made possible the GDP of US$ 67 in 1960s to rise to above US $24000 now. He mentioned about persistence in leadership commitment, through planning and implementation in true letter and spirit and enabled South Korea to come out of extreme poverty and assumed economic leadership in major economic sectors. The institution was named GIFTS to share learnings from an institution that espouse development through building of human capital. He believed that the collaborative program will be instrumental in sharing experiences about human resource development and learning from best practices for future developmental interventions.

Apart from the training sessions, an institutional visit to Seoul Dream Energy Center was also arranged to showcase the different solutions for optimizing naturally available renewable energy sources for achieving comfort in buildings and other economic activities. Participants showed keen interest in these enriching sources of knowledge and experience of possible practical solutions that leads sustainability of the mother earth.

The program runs until the 18th of December and being supervised by Dr. Naim, and coordinated by Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant and Ms. Brooklyn from GIFTS.

Dr. Yi Sung Ki, addresses the participants and guests during the Inaugural Ceremonies of the program.

Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General, welcomes the participants of the Regional Program in Korea.

Regional Program participants listen to presentations.

Program participants’ visit to Seoul Dream Energy Center