In view of pursuing plans for collaborative capacity building programs with member country Malaysia, the CPSC Director General Dr. Naim Yaakub, met with Malaysian officials Datuk Mary Yap, Deputy Minister of Education on August 12 and 19, and Datuk Mohlis Jaafar, Director General of the Department of Polytechnic Education (DPE) on August 12 and 18, 2013. The DG discussed the participation of the various departments of the ministry to CPSC programs with the officials. 

The follow-up was made in the light of the re-merging of the Ministries of Education and Ministry of Higher Education into a single Ministry of Education as informed through the correspondence by the CPSC Liaison Officer (LO) for Malaysia and in connection with previous talks on arrangements for the participation of the DPE, Department of Community College Education and Technical and Vocational Education Division in CPSC In-Country and Regional Programs.

Dr. Naim also provided the new Deputy Minister with information on CPSC’s mandate, programs, activities as well as its benefits to Malaysia for the last ten years. He presented the list of programs CPSC had conducted and the number of the programs’ direct and indirect beneficiaries, along with the line-up of its future programs. The Director General also discussed the offer to Hon. Datuk Mary Yap to be a Senior Panel of Expert for CPSC to which the Deputy Minister, having been a two-time participant of CPSC programs, rendering her as a CPSC alumna, gladly conveyed her willingness. A formal letter of appointment will be issued with regard to the said offer.

Hon. Deputy Minister of Education, Malaysia in discussions with DG CPSC, Dr.Naim

Other Mission to Malaysia

On another mission to Malysia, the DG worked on processing documents for the conversion of his passport from an ordinary to an official passport pertinent to expediting his movements through immigration in various countries and in line with more convenient preparations by various hosts during the conduct of CPSC programs. Dr. Naim extends his highest appreciation to the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of Malaysia for the conversion which was provided on gratis.

Hon. Deputy Minister of Education, Datuk Mary Yap flanked by Datuk Mohlis Jaafar,
DG of Dept of Polytechnic Education, Malaysia (L); and Dr.Naim Yaakub, DG of CPSC (R)