A delegation from the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) composed of the Director General Dr. Naim Yaakub, Faculty Specialist Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam, and Secretary Ms. Adrienne Abril attended the investiture ceremony of former CPSC Faculty Specialist Dr. Renato M. Sorolla as the 5th College President of the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC), Negros Occidental, Philippines. The event was held on November 22, 2012 at the CHMSC Gym, Main Campus in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

CHMSC was founded on July 1, 1954 originally known as the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades. CHMSC aims for Excellence, Competence, and Educational Leadership in Science and Technology. It has four campuses with specific fields of expertise and remains steadfast to uphold its mandate by providing higher technological, professional, and vocational instruction and training in science, agricultural and industrial fields.

The investiture symbolized the conferment of authority to the College President and signified the acceptance of the CHMSC Academic Community and other stakeholders to the newly appointed College President by manifesting their support to the new leadership.

Dr. Naim was invited to deliver a message of support to the new President. In his speech, he mentioned that being the head of an organization is not a privilege but a great responsibility and that comes with accountability and transparency. As an alumnus of CPSC, the DG assured Dr. Sorolla of the full support of the Staff College in converting CHMSC into a more internationalized and green institution. Lastly, he encouraged Dr. Sorolla to venture his journey of leadership driven by the desire to continue the good work, change for the better, and create new value and to teach mind, touch heart, and transform lives.

Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub delivering his Statement of Support to new CHMSC President

(From L-R) Dr. Freddie C. Maningo, President, Central Philippine State University; Dr. Virginia Resurreccion, Regional Director of Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED); Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub; Hon. Nona S. Ricafort, Ph.D., CHED Commissioner; Dr. Renato M. Sorolla, 5th College President of CHMSC; and Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam

On the same day, the Green CHMSC Launching Ceremony was held, where the Director General presented a Keynote Speech and Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam delivered a message. The DG’s presentation stressed on the need for better education that fosters the knowledge, skills and attitudes to shape a future in line with the demands of sustainable development. To achieve this, he proposed three solutions; first is to integrate sustainable development into the curricula; second is to initiate green research; and lastly, prepare CHMSC and convert it into a green campus.

(From L-R) Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub,
Ms. Mary Gee Salbibia, CHMSC Planning Officer; and Dr. Renato M. Sorolla