Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC DG (right) presents plaque  to
HE Adam Maniku, Secretary General of the Colombo Plan Secretariat in Sri Lanka
In vibrant demonstration of support to each other's leadership and mutual desire to cooperate, the new heads of the Colombo Plan Secretariat, HE Adam Maniku, Secretary General and CPSC, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, Director General, met at the Colombo Plan Secretariat headquarter in Colombo, Sri Lanka on December 19, 2011. Both assumed charge of office in July 2011 bringing with them rich technical and administrative experiences from their respective government and vision to continue making the Colombo Plan one of the longest and successfully running development cooperation frameworks in the world through the CP Secretariat and CPSC.

The discussion paved way to explain each other's agenda in line with the development mission of the Colombo Plan. Both apprised each other of progress in the operational activities and programs of each organization.

Both parties expressed that by virtue of the common vision pursued by CPSC and CP Secretariat under the Colombo Plan, the CP Secretariat and CPSC are bound together with a very clear prospect for collaborating in areas of mutual interest in future and tapping each other for capacity building according to each organization's unique capacity and niche area. Both also agreed to continue exchanging documentation and other resources.

CPSC is a specialized agency of the Colombo Plan mandated to improve Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). CPSC runs Regional Programs, In-Country Programs, Customized Courses and other government-funded projects to develop capacity of the human resources development through TVET and provide advisory role to focal ministries on TVET matters.

CP Secretariat, on the other hand, implements programs for socio-economic development including the Drug Advisory Program (DAP), Program for Public Administration and Environment, Program for Private Sector Development and Long-Term Scholarship Program; participates in an advisory capacity at the Consultative Committee Meetings and assists the Colombo Plan Council in discharging its functions.
(For more info: www.colombo-plan.org)

CPSC anticipates the visit of Mr. Maniku to CPSC in Manila as a reciprocal gesture to further discuss areas for collaboration.