Manila Declaration

International Symposium on
January 25-26, 2008, Manila, Philippines

M a n i l a   D e c l a r a t i o n

THIS DECLARATION DRAWS special attention to the following specific recommendations of the International Symposium on Skills Development for Poverty Alleviation:

  1. Strengthen and expand capacity building for the training of trainers in member countries for developing TVET skills needed for poverty alleviation;
  2. Build a strong, broad-based coordinated ICT Skills for education and gainful employment towards developing information capital;
  3. Provide training and development interventions for modularized employable skills for responsiveness to the needs of industries and the labor market;
  4. Advocate strategic public-private-community partnership (PPCP) models at national and local level to address specific programs for poverty alleviation.
  5. Develop skills standards, certification and accreditation for quality assurance and harmonization in TVET to satisfy the labor market needs;
  6. Strengthen and expand capacity building programs specially for women, rural youth, informal economy workers and unorganized sectors towards gainful employment;
  7. Strengthen inclusiveness and regional cooperation in TVET development approaches targeting the marginalized sectors;
  8. Increase human capital and induce self-employment and entrepreneurship development to address the problem of poverty in all sectors;
  9. Improve access to life skills for learners and adults including technical and vocational skills and generic skills;
  10. Expand outreach program integrating flexible learning systems (i.e distance education, e-learning, open learning, and life-long learning programs) to ensure greater access to quality programs.
  11. Strengthen the policy, legal and financial frameworks to provide an enabling environment to alleviate poverty;
  12. Innovate new ideas of utilizing existing resource and architecture to augment the efforts in poverty alleviation.