This week will be a busy week for Maldives, as it prepares to celebrate its 49 years of independence from Britain on 26th – 27 July 2014, with an exciting range of events and celebrations planned to mark this historic time in the island’s history. The island came under the Protectorate of British in 1887. The island and the British agreed that they will not interfere in the internal matters of the island however, if foreign exchange was part of the concerns, then British are to be involved. In return, the British assured the island of its protection and security from the colonial invasion.

The history of the people of Maldives’ fight for independence was a long struggle. The island was invaded by many superpowers and even pirates. For 15 long years, the island was under the capture of Portuguese. During these years the island suffered a lot. They were under guerrilla tactics and had poor logistic support. Then the island was invaded by British and ruled the island for a very long time. After the World War II, while many countries already had its freedom from the British rule, Maldives was still under British protection. Finally in the year 1965, on the 26th of July, the island of Maldives finally received the independence it had long waited for.


July 26 is the most important date for Maldives. It is celebrated in a grand way. The Republic Square hosts the celebration and it is marked as one of the national holidays of the Maldives. The day is followed by processions and performances which is a mixture of both traditional values and modern theme. And it ends up with entertaining and fun loving night out. Presidents and all the foreign dignitaries attend this grand event. On this date the event kicks off with march past which is organized by the national Cadet Corps and the National Security Service, which is followed by the modern drills, traditional dance and drills performed by the children and youth of different schools and colleges. The dancers and the children roam around in colorful attires. Everyone is part of the celebration and thus, it is celebrated both at national and community level. Every individual celebrates this national holiday.

CPSC joins its Maldivian brothers and sisters in celebrating this auspicious and memorable occasion.

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