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The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) cordially sends its greetings of peace and harmony to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in observance of their 54th Independence Day this March 26, 2024.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
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Bangladesh came a long way before finally attaining independence from Pakistan. Although former President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman already declared their independence in 1971, there was still an ultimate struggle between Bangladesh and Pakistan which led to the known Bangladesh Liberation War.

Pakistan did a military operation called Operation Searchlight to take control of the major cities of Bangladesh, which happened the night before the formal declaration. This surged a widespread violence towards Bangladesh wherein many Bangladeshi nationalists were murdered by the Pakistan Armed Force, including Bengali women who became victims of mass rape. It was a nine-month bloodshed battle between the two countries, resulting in deaths of about three million people. India also joined forces with Bangladesh on December 3, 1971, and this followed the ending of the war on December 16, 1971 when Pakistan surrendered.


Bangladesh Independence Day, 2023
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Bangladesh usually celebrates its Independence Day through parades, political speeches, concerts, fairs and any significant ceremonies to commemorate their rich history. Parades come together with the colorful floats and patriotic displays, including cultural events being performed in each town.

Firing of 31-gun salute by Bangladesh Army during 52nd Independence Day
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A thirty-one gun salute starts off the significant day, as well as the hoisting of the Bangladesh flag. In addition, the main streets are decorated with colors of the Bangladesh flag while the people are encouraged to wear traditional clothing during this special day to feel the essence of belongingness, unity and national pride.

Bangladesh celebrates 50th Independence Day, 2021
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In 2023, Bangladesh observed its Independence Day with the aim to build their country free of poverty and hunger. Meanwhile, the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) pledged for people’s voting rights. State officials, armed forces, international representatives and Bangladeshi were joined together to pay respect to the Liberation War martyrs.


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