Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series (STEPS) Vol. 5, 2023

Walking in Tropical Climate? A Review of Issues and Challenges


    Kasim, Z.
    Abu Zahri, Z.S.
    Razali, S.N.Z.A
    Civil Engineering Department, Politeknik Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia


Walking represents a sustainable mode of transportation, backed by a body of research that underscores its manifold benefits. These include improvements in personal health, mitigation of environmental harm, alleviation of road congestion, and reduction of air pollution. Nonetheless, walking in tropical climates remains underexplored and fraught with numerous challenges. This paper comprehensively reviews of twenty studies conducted in tropical university campuses and cities, shedding light on the issues and obstacles associated with promoting walking in tropical environment. We seek to address a fundamental question: is the sweltering and humid tropical climate the primary deterrent to pedestrian activity, or do the physical environments themselves fail to encourage walking? This comprehensive analysis underscores the pivotal role played by the built environment in shaping the comfort of walking. Our investigation identifies barriers to pedestrian activity while elucidating both general and specific characteristics of key physical features within the built environment that can overcome these obstacles, fostering increased levels of walking. Ultimately, an amplified emphasis on promoting non-motorized transportation options, such as cycling and walking, holds the potential to elevate pedestrian activity within tropical cities and campuses.