We are delighted to invite everyone to the upcoming 7th International Research Symposium on "Emerging Technologies and Skills for Resilient Industries" this 14th of December 2023 at the University of Vocational Technology (UoVT), Sri Lanka. Hosted by UoVT, this event will bring together researchers and academics from around the world to share their knowledge and ideas on how to build resilient industries that can adapt to changes and challenges.

Exploring Emerging Technologies and Skills for Resilience in TVET and Industry explores the potential applications of emerging technologies in various industries. It aims to understand their implications for resilience, focusing on adaptability, innovation, and withstand disruptions. By analyzing the impact of these technologies on teaching methodologies, research practices, industry operations, and socio-economic systems, it is essential to assess how these technologies can equip individuals, institutions, and industries with the necessary skills to thrive in the face of challenges like technological disruptions, changing market demands, and global crises.

Symposium Themes:

      Resilient industries for Sustainable future: This track focuses on the importance of building sustainable industries that can withstand economic, environmental, and social challenges. Topics may include renewable energy, sustainable manufacturing, and green technologies.
      Innovative approaches for resilient technological solutions: This track explores new and innovative technological solutions that can help industries become more resilient. Topics may include advanced materials, robotics, and artificial intelligence.
      ICT towards Resilience: Harnessing Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development: This track examines how information and communication technologies can be used to promote sustainable development. Topics may include smart cities, e-governance, and digital inclusion.
      Education and language studies: Transformative and Innovative Pedagogies and language learning for Resilient Learning: This track focuses on innovative pedagogies and language learning approaches that can help learners become more resilient. Topics may include online learning, gamification, and multilingual education.
      TVET Skills and Competencies for Resilient Workforce Development: This track explores how technical and vocational education and training (TVET) can help develop a resilient workforce. Topics may include competency-based training, apprenticeships, and lifelong learning.
For more details, please visit http:/www.uovt.ac.lk/IRS2023 or contact [email protected]
(+94 771 996 167 / +94 777 316 877).

Deadline of paper submission is extended until August 15, 2023.

See you there!