The Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea will celebrate its 47th Independence Day on September 16, 2022. In light of this, the Colombo Plan Staff College and its liaison offices in the member countries wish their PNG colleagues a very auspicious and wonderful celebration of their Independence Day.


On the morning of September 16, 1975, the Australian Flag at the Hubert Murray Stadium in Port Moresby was lowered, and in its place was raised a proud flag of Red and Black with a Raggiana Bird of Paradise in flight silhouetted in the top right corner. This flag hoisting announced the introduction of Papua New Guinea as an independent state, and marked the day as one of the most important for its people.

On that afternoon, PNG’s first Governor-General, Sir John Guise reminded that “It is important [that] the people of Papua New Guinea, and the rest of the world, realize the spirit in which we are lowering the flag of our colonizers. We are lowering the flag, not tearing it down.” This was an allusion to PNG’s blood-less path to independence, and that this was a day of celebration and a call to move forward and mold the nation to the image of its people.

The Act was passed by the Parliament of Australia. It replaced the Papua and New Guinea Act 1949, and changed the status of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea to that of an independent Papua New Guinea. The Act set 16 September 1975 as date of Papua New Guinea's independence and terminated all remaining sovereign and legislative powers of Australia over the country.


As is tradition, the country will celebrate the occasion with a variety of activities including official speeches, cultural dances, singing, a lot of music, craft fairs, canoe races, and the selling of art and craft. The country’s national colors of black, red and gold will be conspicuous throughout.


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