What's Inside

Governing Board News

  • CPSC Organizes 112th Governing Board Online
  • CPSC Director General Meets the New Assistant Secretary of DFA-UNIO Philippines


In-Country/ Regional Programs

  • Online TVET Teachers Training on Automotive Technology using Virtual TVET Involves TESDA Philippines Participants
  • Fiji Automotive Trainers Trained Online on Virtual TVET
  • In-Country Program in Bhutan Targets Automotive Technology Instructors for Virtual TVET Instruction
  • In-Country Program in Malaysia Focuses on New APACC Manual Refresher Training in Anticipation of Future APACC Activities
  • CPSC Holds Another Online Program for India; Targets Automotive Technology Instructors for Virtual TVET
  • In-Country Program on Project Management Convenes Thai TVET Educators
  • Training of Trainers on Electrical Basics Using Virtual TVET Invited Experts from All Over the Region

Special Program

  • "Accreditation and Certification" Central Theme to the Latest Online Special Program in India


  • Edutech 2022 Held Online, Involves CPSC DG in the Panel Discussions
  • CPSC Forges Links with NIDTEP Thailand, Looks Forward to Closer Cooperation
  • CPSC DG Contributes to the Discussions at the International Conference on Talent Ecosystem (ICoTE) 2022
  • CPSC, ICCCM Signs MoU and Explores Opportunities for Closer Collaboration


  • IKM Bintulu Advances Into Its Journey to APACC Accreditation via Online Evaluation
  • SKNTC, Thailand invites APACC President for the commencement of the "Workshop on Formulation of Five Years Strategic Plan on Institution Development and Preparation for Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC)"
  • APACC Conducts Five-Day International Accreditors’ Refresher Training on Latest Instrument and Processes

HR Corner

  • CPSC Welcomes Three New Members of the Local Staff
  • CPSC Staff Bids Farewell to Dr. Ramhari Lamicchane