For the second time in the fiscal year 2021-2022, the Colombo Plan Staff College successfully organized another joint program on online TVET Teachers’ Training on Virtual TVET to the participants from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Philippines. The four-day program was held from January 24-February 3, 2022, and was conducted via Zoom involving a total of 37 participants.

The program covered topics related to the introduction to automotive systems such as basic engine fundamentals, electricity, and electronics, braking systems, wheels and drive systems, steering and suspension systems. It also goes into developing the students’ knowledge and skills leading to more advanced studies such as petrol and diesel fuel, systems, engine management, transmissions, and hybrid vehicles.

Supervising the program are Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe, CPSC Director General; Sec. Isidro Lapena, TESDA Director General; and Dr. Steven McKee, President of Labtech International Ltd. In addition, the program’s resources and logistics were facilitated by Mr. Brad Kerr, Labtech Academy General Manager.

Deputy Director General of TESD Operations, Ms. Lina C. Sarmiento, during her opening speech.

Screen grab of the program participants

The program was closed by the Director-General of TESDA, Sec. Isidro Lapena, through a video message to the participants. He was able to express his gratitude to CPSC and Labtech Academy for their efforts to develop Philippine TVET. He also reiterated TESDA’s commitment to further raise TVET education in the country and stated his intention to follow up on the lessons of the program.

Sec. Isidro Lapena, Director General of TESDA, during his closing speech.

Participants’ Feedback

Mr. Rogie P. Singueo, Instructor I, Isabela School of Arts and Trades (ISAT)
We are truly grateful during the four-day program despite the present challenges. We have learned other methods to present automotive topics, particularly on learning management. Despite the slow internet connection, we appreciate the patience of the organizers and the trainers and we look forward to attending other programs in the future.
Mr. Jerome Berris, Instructor, Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology Inc.
The program is exciting and innovative. I have learned a lot because the materials are complete and the method is interactive. We focused on understanding the learning management system, based on Moodle, and we appreciate its applicability to our instruction.
Mr. Japet L. Jarantilla, TESD Specialist II, PTC - Misamis Occidental
I think the course was great overall because it was fun and interactive. Also, the organizers and facilitators were willing to help the trainers not only in terms of technical knowledge but in other aspects such as retrieving lost passwords and classroom management. The program will help the trainers especially since most institutions do not have the latest automotive equipment yet, and this online training will somehow fill this gap. The simulations and demonstrations were also very crucial in ensuring that we understood the modules and the lessons.