Myanmar will celebrate its 74th Independence Day (Burmese: လွတ်လပ်ရေးနေ့) on January 4, 2022. After 60 years of colonial rule, Burma (now officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) gained its independence from Britain on January 4, 1948.


Following the three Anglo-Burmese Wars in the 19th Century, Burma was colonized by Britain in 1826. After countless uprising throughout the country, Burma was declared as a separately administered colony of Great Britain following the appointment of Ba Maw as the first Prime Minister and Premier of Burma (Independence Day of Burma (Myanmar), n.d.). In order to regain total independence, a Panglong Agreement was signed by the leaders of various ethnic groups in Myanmar on February 12, 1947; along with the vow of concentrated efforts of the people from the hilly and plain regions for the country’s independence. Through the Panglong Agreement and the efforts of its people, Tatmadaw along with those from the hilly and plain regions were able to unitedly regain the independence of Myanmar on January 4, 1948 (Global New Light of Myanmar, 2021). Consequently, Myanmar celebrates its Independence Day at the start of every year on January 4 and celebrates Diamond Jubilee Union Day every February 12 in commemoration of the union of different ethnicities which gave way in order for Myanmar to regain its independence.


The Independence Day in Myanmar is celebrated through festivals and traditional activities in order to commemorate how being connected helped the Burmese people to regain its independence. On January 4, the Burmese people wear the traditional outfits of Burma and the capital, Yangon, is decorated with patriotic colors to mark the festivities (Independence Day of Burma (Myanmar), n.d.). Furthermore, the president and vice president of Myanmar address the Burmese people through a very optimistic speech that usually revolved around messages about improving the nation and overcoming hardships. Military parades are also enjoyed by the Burmese people to honor their nation’s military. Ceremonies which involve speeches, military demonstrations and flag-raising customs are also held in order to celebrate their Independence Day. And of course, the day will not be complete if the people don’t sing patriotic songs and play music since Independence Day is a Burmese holiday centered on patriotism and historical reflection (Public Holidays Global, n.d.).

2022 Celebrations

In order for the smooth celebration of Myanmar’s 74th Independence Day, a coordination meeting was held at the meeting hall of the Chairman of the State Administration Council in Nay Pyi Taw last November 5, 2021 which was attended by the Central Committee on Organizing the 74th Anniversary of Independence Day 2022. Wherein, the State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, instructed the Chairpersons and officials from the different subcommittees to adhere to the following:

  • systematically take security measures for successfully holding the ceremony with essence;
  • hold the ceremony in line with the COVID-19 restrictions;
  • prepare the tasks to prevent the danger of fire in launching fireworks; and
  • organize sports events and festivities to mark the Independence Day under the disciplines of COVID-19 restrictions (Myanmar News Agency, 2021).

Myanmar traditional games are held to welcome the 74th Independence Day. Source: Lin, N. (2021, December 30). Sports contests held to hail 74th Anniversary of Independence Day in Sinbaungwe Township. Global New Light of Myanmar.

In line with the celebration of its 74th Independence Day, various schools in Myanmar organized sports meets. One of which was held at No (1) Ward Basic Education Post-Primary School Sinbaungwe, Thayet District, Magway Region on the morning of December 29, 2021. Wherein students competed in the 50m sprint, intermediate level squash, sack race, and potato-picking games. The main purpose of the sports events is to make the students appreciate independence and collaboration with one another (Lin, 2021).

Source: Myint, A. Z. (2021, December 31). Sports events held to mark Independence Day in Kengtung Township. Global New Light of Myanmar.

Simultaneously, other sports events were also organized at basic schools in Kengtung Township and at No (7) BEHS in Kengtung Township of Shan State (East). Wherein the high, middle and primary school students participated in the games which included a 100m sprint, balloon popping, potato picking and other popular fun games. The winners of all these sports events will be awarded on January 4, 2022 in line with the 74th Independence Day celebration (Myint, 2021).


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