In celebration of the annual national day in August 9, Singapore adopts the theme “Together, Our Singapore Spirit” in commemoration of the 56th anniversary of their separation from the Federation of Malaya and becoming an independent country.

As explained by the organizers (NDP, 2021), the lion head logo represents our nation’s strength of will and unity. The five bold strokes of the logo symbolize the ideals depicted in the five stars of our National Flag: Democracy, Peace, Progress, Justice and Equality. These form the core of our Singaporean identity. The number “56” is embedded in the logo design, to recognize Singapore’s 56th year of independence.

Measures to Prevent Covid-19

The organizers of the National Day Parade (NDP, 2021) adhering to the requirements of Singaporean COVID-19 guidelines, the number of spectators and participants at The Float @ Marina Bay for this year’s NDP will be scaled down.

This year’s National Day Parade has been designed with the home viewer in mind, and with various celebratory activities held across Singapore. To minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, NDP 2021 will harness technology and connect performances for the first ever live-virtual performance at NDP. The same technology will be repeated in the Parade and Ceremony segment where civilian entities will participate and join the parade via virtual means.

NDP organizers have implemented a multi-layered COVID-19 prevention strategy for NDP participants. For example, on top of abiding by rigorous safe management measures such as small group sizes, all participants will be fully vaccinated and required to undergo weekly fostered routine testing, to ensure that only healthy participants are allowed into rehearsal venues.

National Day Parade Postponed at a Later Date

For 2021, the National Day Parade will be postponed to Aug 21 after the scheduled end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Thursday (Jul 22). Instead, a ceremonial parade will be held instead on the original date of Aug 9. (Channel News Asia, July 22, 2021).

According to the Ministry of Defense: to prepare for the NDP on Aug 21, rehearsals will be conducted later in smaller component groups" and dates will not be announced so as to discourage crowds from gathering around Marina Bay.

"Since 1966, the NDP has been held every year to mark Singapore’s independence," the ministry said. "This national event brings together Singaporeans from all walks of life, as one united people to affirm our unity and nationhood. The changes this year will enable NDP 2021 to be held in safer conditions, while maintaining that cherished tradition."


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