Pakistan is celebrating its Independence Day on August 14, 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. CPSC wishes its Pakistani colleagues a warm and auspicious commemoration of this event.


Independence Day is observed annually on 14 August, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Raj in 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement; the Pakistan Movement aimed for creation of an independent Muslim state by division of the north-western region of the South Asia and was led by All-India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The event was brought forth by the Indian Independence Act 1947 in which the British Indian Empire gave independence to the Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) which included the West Pakistan (present Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

In the Islamic calendar, the day of independence coincided with Ramadan 27, the eve of which is regarded as sacred by Muslims. The main ceremony takes place in Islamabad, where the national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings, which is followed by the national anthem, and live televised speeches by leaders. Usual celebratory events this day include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and the playing of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies are often held on this day, and citizens often hoist the national flag atop their homes or display it prominently on their vehicles and attire.


(, 2021). Citizens of Pakistan celebrate Independence day zealously. The colors for the day are the green and white of Pakistan’s flag. The country’s flags are seen everywhere and fireworks displays are enjoyed. Flag hoisting ceremonies are held publicly and at private institutions across the country. Schools and universities arrange declamation contests, art exhibitions, national song recitals, and sports marathons to celebrate. Special programs are also scheduled for the observance of this day.

The president and prime minister deliver special speeches, recalling the sacrifices of the nation’s forefathers who laid down their lives for the country. The district and local authorities actively plan and execute events to express patriotism and add colors to the day. Citizens participate in face painting, donning the country colors, dressing up elaborately, lighting fireworks, and celebrating all things Pakistan.


Hamara Pakistan Song for Independence Day


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