Afghanistan's Independence Day is celebrated every year on August 19 to observe the Treaty of Rawalpindi which was signed in 1919 between Britain and Afghanistan. The treaty restored complete sovereignty to the country. “Jeshn”, Afghan Day or the Independence Day is occasion to celebrate the glorious past and national pride of the country. The day is a national holiday, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The presidential address to the nation, the military parade, display of the country's national costumes and national dance, atan, are some of the activities that mark the celebrations of the Independence Day. The period of Jeshn has also often has been used for major policy announcements.

2018 Celebrations

According to Anadolu News (Saif, 19 August 2019), millions of Afghans last year marked the country’s 99th Independence Day with fervor despite heightened security and swelling militancy. The streets of downtown Kabul were with the tri-color Afghan flag and huge posters of former King Amanullah Khan, who was at the helm of affairs in Afghanistan from 1919 till 1929 when the country regained its sovereignty over foreign policy from the British who were ruling neighboring India back then.

On the eve of the Independence Day, a rare musical concert was also organized at the Zazai Park of the city with thousands of Kabul residents attending under tight security. Popular singer, Karan Khan, entertained visitors for hours before they were enthralled by spectacular fireworks.

Another main attraction of the celebrations was a rare international football game organized for the big day between the host Afghanistan and visiting Palestine team. On the invitation of the Afghanistan Football Federation, the Palestinian football team landed in Kabul two days ago, and held practice sessions at the AFF stadium in Kabul for the match.


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